The Leev Theater Group is a Non-profit theatre collective formed in 2001 by Mohammad Hassan Majooni. The Leev Theatre group exists to develop, produce and present theater for the cultural enrichment of the Iranian artistic community, and to preserve, maintain, and operate the concept of "Theater Group" in Iran.
In the fourteen years of its existence, the Leev Theater Group produced works by many important playwrights, and performs over 30 productions on stages. The Leev Theater Group is also known for ‘placing an emphasis on the actors as a main component of a performance and focus on an actor `s body and his physical presence on stage. In addition, the Leev employs the concept of functional and minimal set designs, review and dramaturgy with the aim of blending the actor’s presence and text to illuminate the elements of a performance’.

Leev Theater Group members with over a decade of artistic activities have a close relationship with other Iranian theatre artists and have been granted many artistic awards. In 2008, they were honored as one of only scanty theater groups in the country to receive a Best National Theatre Group grant from the Critic and Writers Association of Iran’s Theatre House. In 2009 they are awarded Tehran’s Best Theater Group by Dramatic Arts Center and in 2015 they were granted the Special Jury Award of Samandarian `s Academy for holding Monoleev festival.

In addition to its main stage productions, The Leev Theater Group is also committed to encouraging the next generation of theatergoers through its extensive educational outreach program. The Leev serves many people each year through programs including workshops , research project of “introducing world`s contemporary theatre directors”, translating theoric texts and publishing a specific magazine about theatre. They also create Shadow Leev Theatre Group that is a company of talented young artists who are working and gathering experience as a group under supervision of Leev Theater Group.

"Mono Leev Festival" is another research activity of "Leev Theater Group". F ounded in 2008 in the form of "Leev's research sittings on Monologue" in Iran’s Artist`s House and this year it is entering its sixth year of activity. "Mono Leev" is providing an opportunity for various artists and playwrights to work with each other in the form of Monologue, Monodrama and exchanging experiences and creative ideas.
Leev Theater Group actively pursues the highest standards of artistic excellence and services, enhances and continuously improves common understanding about group theater as an independent institution. It’s ongoing endeavor to make its programming accessible and relevant to all audiences, and maintain structural stability despite all the obstacles and restrictions remains a priority. While most of the theatric activities in Iran are dependent on the States' financial support Leev's vision is to reach independent theater. For "Leev Theater Group" an audience is not only a consumer but also a colleague. This is the reason that Leev is reaching for a wider range of audience inside and outside of Iran.